Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Remodeling Company

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Remodeling Company

Hiring a remodeling company for your project can be a very tricky exercise if you do not know what constitutes the right contractor. Without choosing the right remodeling company, you could up with so many unnecessary losses. Asking the following questions will help you to easily determine the best company for your home remodeling project. 

Is Your Company Licensed?

It is a standard industry requirement that all professional remodeling companies should have valid licenses. Licensing is important because it shows that the company has trained personnel and meets all the provisions for offering remodeling services. Every legitimate company should freely give you proof of their license failure. If they are reluctant to show proof of license, you should simply find another company.  

Can I See a Portfolio of Your Past Projects?

While all remodeling companies will tell you that they have done many renovation projects in the past and have experience on the job, do not just take their words for it. A good company should provide you with references to some of the projects that they have done in the past. If you are unable to visit the projects or talk to former clients, the company should provide photos or pictures. That will enable you to prove their expertise. 

What Are Your Rates?

It is also important that you know the cost estimates for hiring the company beforehand to avoid surprises. The rates often vary based on the particular remodeling works to be done and duration of the project among other aspects. However, a good company should be able to provide you with estimates so you know how to organize your budget for the entire project. The company must break down the rates to show how they arrive at the final figures. 

How Do You Handle Customer Concerns or Complaints?

Not all remodeling plans always go according to plan. Sometimes, you may need to make certain changes after the start of the project. On the other hand, the company may fail to meet your expectations. As such, the company should also tell you about their policy for handling customer concerns and complaints as well as the process of doing so. 

Asking the above questions will give you a clear picture of the company’s expertise, experience and reliability, which are essential to a successful remodeling project. 

Reasons to Have a Lawyer Review Your Construction Contract

Reasons to Have a Lawyer Review Your Construction Contract

A construction contract determines how the project will play out. Essentially, a construction contract is an agreement between a contractor and the owner. It can also be an agreement between a general contractor and subcontractors. This contract can be downright oppressive, one-sided, or fair depending on its terms. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do once you sign the contract. That’s why you should have your construction contract reviewed by a lawyer before you append your signature on it.

Perhaps, you are about to sign a construction contract and you are not convinced that you need help of a lawyer. Well, here are some of the major reasons to have a lawyer review your construction contract before you review it.

Contract Content and Forms Keep Changing

Maybe you have signed a construction contract form before. Perhaps, you think that the contact you are about to sign is the same. This is not true. Contact forms do not remain the same forever. Some companies may delete or add sections to their contract forms. That’s because contractors want their contracts to reflect current laws.

A professional lawyer has knowledge and experience of these laws. They know the legal challenges that you can face when it comes to your construction project. As such, having them review your construction contract is a sure way to ensure your safety.

Reducing Risk Exposure

Issues like reference incorporation, liquidated damages due to delays and pay once paid clauses can affect the contractor. Unfortunately, it’s easy to agree to clauses of a construction contract without consideration or knowledge of their impact. But, once you sign a construction contract, you can’t look back when faced with such issues. So, to avoid this, have a lawyer review your construction contract.

It’s important to remember that courts want well-written accurate agreements. If you take an issue to court, it will consider what your contract says. But, for a contract to be valid, it must be written properly. A professional lawyer knows what should go into a construction contract for it to be valid. That’s why you should have a reputable attorney review your construction contract before you sign it.

Construction Techniques for Energy Efficient Buildings

Construction Techniques for Energy Efficient Buildings

Construction of energy efficient buildings is a sure way to reduce the amount of money required to maintain buildings. Currently, construction companies are using certain techniques to make buildings more energy efficient. Here are examples of such techniques.

LED Lighting

In the past, halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs were the most preferred options. However, contractors and property owners are installing LED lighting in modern buildings. These are paying off in the long run by reducing the cost of maintaining lighting systems in buildings. LED lighting offers the same light with its predecessors while producing minimal energy in comparison to their older options. Energy reduction leads to reduced monthly bills and the need to replace bulbs more frequently.


When air escapes via the openings of a building, the HVAC system is put under pressure. This leads to an increase in monthly energy bills. But, when a building is constructed using insulated concrete form, the resulting structure is more insulated. This eliminates drafts. The insulated concrete form uses blocks of polystyrene foam that has been expanded and cut to specifically fit some areas. This precision enables the blocks to snap together with ease and create an impenetrable seal. This makes a building more energy efficient while providing protection against the harsh weather and fire.

Day Lighting  

Day lighting works with LED lighting to ensure that more natural light enters a building during the day. Contractors use single-paned glass, though there are double and triple-paned options, to ensure that more light enters a building during the day. These techniques may include use of passive solar designs and skylight.

HVAC Options

Contractors use energy efficient HVAC systems to addresses concerns like air intake with notions like having an adjustable setting for the exhaust hood. This leads to reduced heating and cooling when there is little activity. Although initial installation of energy efficient systems costs more, the long-term cost savings that follow are worth the investment.

Plumbing Concerns

There are plumbing strategies that can be used to reduce utility bills. They include installation of wireless consumption monitors that enable a property owner to stay updated on utility usage. Installation of low-flow toilets and faucets can also help save water.

If you have an upcoming construction project, discuss these construction techniques with your contractor to end up with a more energy efficient building.

Common Home Improvement Misconceptions

Common Home Improvement Misconceptions

Venturing into a home improvement project without common sense will lead to waste of money, time and energy. Many people are excited about home improvement projects. This makes them forget the goals of their projects and what they can achieve with them. Some even set unrealistic goals for their projects. To avoid frustration if your home improvement project doesn’t turn out the way you expect, learn the following home improvement misconceptions and avoid them.

All Home Improvements Add the Value of a Home

It’s true that some home improvement projects add the value of a home. However, some do not. In fact, there are improvements that prospective buyers will see as minus points. An elaborated doorway or spacious balcony may be appealing to one person. But, another person may not like it. That means they will not buy your home just because of an elaborated doorway or spacious balcony that you considered a valuable home improvement.

Most Buyers are attracted by Quality Materials

High quality materials add the value of a home. However, some buyers are budget conscious. Such buyers prefer budget-friendly homes. It’s important that you pay attention to environmental conditions when selecting your home improvement materials. Consider the neighborhood and the exterior when choosing materials for your home improvement project.

Contractors with the Highest Rates are the Best

Before you hire a contractor for your home improvement project, conduct some research. Don’t go for contractors that charge the highest fee assuming that they are the best. Understand what the contractor will do for you, the materials they will use, and the results to expect from them. It’s also important that you see their previous work as well as ratings. You can also talk to family and friends that have had home improvement projects completed to know the amount they spent on their projects. Go for a contractor with the best ratings and reasonable rates.

These are some of the common home improvement misconceptions that you should know before you embark on your project. Pay attention to your specific needs to make more informed decisions when planning and during your home improvement project.

Advantages of Hiring Services of a Construction Company

Advantages of Hiring Services of a Construction Company

Advantages of Hiring Services of a Construction Company

When planning a construction project, you may wonder whether you really need to work with a professional construction company. Currently, there are many individuals that may purport to have the skills and resources required to handle a construction project. But, do they really have what it takes to ensure successful and efficient completion of your construction project? Compared to individual contractors, construction companies come with numerous benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring services of a construction company:

Timely Project Completion

A professional construction company that has been in the industry for some time has completed numerous projects successfully. That means it is run by experts that know how to keep deadlines. Its experts know what to do, when and how to ensure that every construction project is completed within the agreed time.

Guaranteed Quality

A professional company is run by trained and experienced experts. These are in business to stay. They want to earn a sterling reputation for their company. As such, they won’t do shoddy work that can taint the reputation of their company. Thus, you are guaranteed quality workmanship and materials when you hire services of a professional construction company.

Observing the Law

There are local, federal and state laws that should be adhered to when handling a construction project. A professional construction company is conversant with these laws. It ensures that these laws are followed throughout the construction project. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with law enforcers when you hire services of a construction company.

Easy Processing of Permits

A professional construction company has been in the industry for some time. It has completed many projects that required permits. As such, the experts of the company know how to acquire the necessary permits for a construction project. Thus, you won’t waste time trying to acquire permits for your construction project.

Basically, a professional construction company has professionally trained and experienced technicians. These know the procedures to follow to make a construction project safe, efficient, and successful. Check out these tips from another blog I found recently, click here to read it.

Advantages of Building a New Home

Advantages of Building a New Home

Advantages of Building a New Home

Construction of a new home is basically a journey. The key is to ensure that the project is completed in a stress free and smooth manner. After a long conversation with a old friend Arturo, that own’s a San Antonio Roofing Company, he goes to explain that when the project is handled properly, there are many advantages that you can enjoy. They include the following:

You Get Exactly What You Want

One major advantage of building a new home is creating a home that is tailor-made for your family. Essentially, you talk with the designer and the contractor to ensure that the house suits the style of your family. Thus, it feels like your true home without the need to renovate it.

Your Home is Built Using the Latest Materials and Standards

Building your own home enables you to ensure that it meets the highest standards and that it is built using the latest materials. This is very important because building regulations are always evolving. There are also modern materials that make new homes more energy efficient and healthier to live in. Thus, when you build your new home you avoid the high costs of heating and cooling your home that may be associated with an old home that you may be living in or find in the market.


A newly built home comes with a warranty. That means you don’t have to worry about repairs and replacement of appliances. If you notice a leaky roof part, you just call the contractor to fix the damage. Thus, when you build a new home you are covered against issues that may arise a few days or months of moving in.

Modern Technology and Design

New home construction allows you to personalize it using modern technology and design. For instance, you can have a special media room with modern fixtures. You can also have a walk-in wardrobe for the new building. These are things that you might not have if you buy an old building.

These are some of the advantages of building a new home. Talk to a reputable contractor about your needs to ensure that your new home is tailored to suit the needs of your family.