Common Myths about Home Renovations

Do you intend to make any home improvements this year? Don’t let these common remodeling myths lead you astray before you start making your dreams a reality.

When an inexperienced renovator attempts to do something, the home often suffers more damage. ‘Despite your research, much of the advice there can be contradictory. Here are some of those common myths you might come across:

 You Can Do Everything Yourself

To tackle DIY tasks, you must have the proper tools. Many of us prefer to do our DIY projects (such as wall paneling), but some can be costly if done incorrectly.

Renovations Always Provide a Good Return on Investment

More extensive renovations are not always better because spending more money does not always result in more value. Many spend their lives fantasizing about expansive kitchen remodels and stylish bathroom makeovers, but in some cases, a homeowner is unlikely to recoup more than the construction cost.

You Can Conceal Anything Can with Paint

Interior wall preparation is critical for achieving a blemish-free finish. Repair any unsightly holes, blemishes, cracks, or chips before you begin so your paint has a smooth foundation. 

Repairing Something Is Less Expensive Than Replacing It

Things break or wear out at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace them immediately. However, repairing it does not address the underlying problem and may be worth purchasing new to avoid additional costs.

Renovate As Per Current Home Trends.

We enjoy updating interior design trends, but current d├ęcor styles do not always work in every space. According to Thomas, if you use expensive, permanent materials for your walls, cabinets, countertops, and floors, you risk creating a home that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Remodeling Occurs Quickly

An extensive remodel of the house will typically take several months to complete if all goes well. Larger homes may take nine to fifteen months, plus additional time if there are delays. A good contractor can complete the work faster and more efficiently than you can, so avoid attempting anything you may struggle to achieve.